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University relations program of software AG is the tight supply on internship in the economy against the University relations program and opened access resulted in the latest College project of software AG, campus connect students directly on the campus experience also students active and free of charge on topics from the real economy into worldwide project introduction by Campus Connect in 2010 to over 40 universities students in Darmstadt, Leipzig and Sao Paulo, in pilot projects, create integrated campus management system Darmstadt, August 11, 2010? Software AG launches the global launch of its latest College project at 40 universities in 15 countries today. With the University relations program, the company aims to map a virtual business environment in cooperation with the educational institutions, and to offer all students a cost effective access to the practice. Given the difficulty for many students to find a practice place, temporarily, the program of software AG offers them the possibility, to gain practical experience directly to the College. It includes tasks from the real economic life”, for which students are equipped with the relevant training, the necessary skills and the necessary space to develop creative and innovative solutions. After the successful completion of pilot projects in Germany and Brazil the latest virtual project Campus Connect “in the course of 2010 to over 40 universities on five continents introduces. The universities of Darmstadt, Leipzig and Sao Paulo have today presented the results of its successful pilot projects.

As it becomes increasingly difficult for the universities to accommodate all students in a highly qualified practice place in the economy, we have aligned our program, in the University sector to set up a virtual corporate world and the students in this way which bring themes from the real economy”, declared Jurgen Powik, Director University Relations of software AG. The program thus offers a very cost effective way to gain practical experience. We are pleased that our latest project, a virtual campus management system, the proof-of-concept phase has completed successfully, so that it can be implemented worldwide.” The pilot projects uniting across the continent German and Brazilian students: participating universities in Germany are the University of Leipzig, as well as the Technical University of Darmstadt, in Brazil it is the Polytechnic University of Sao Paulo (USP). In a final presentation on August 11 the results of the projects are now presented by the students. With more than 50 participants are expected, including Prof. Franczyk from the University of Leipzig and Prof. Sackmann from the University of Halle, which has signed up for a project in the coming winter semester.

In the coming semester many universities will join worldwide the project. So far, counting 20 new applications in the area of University Relations of software AG and expects up to the Start of the new semester with a project number over 40. Within the framework of the University relations program over 90 projects at various universities conducted in the last three years worldwide. Software AG holds the scientific relations to more than 130 universities and research institutions all over the world. The free license package is available through the University Relations Web site. Jurgen Powik, Director University Relations (university(at)softwareag.

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