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Posted By on September 30, 2019

The reason for dry eyes is often dry heating air or from air conditioners for dry eyes dry indoor heating or air from air conditioning systems is often air. Especially during the heating season, the relative humidity is easy under the recommended range by 40%. This dehydration can be harmful not only for the eyes, but also for furniture, wooden floors and antiques. Here a humidifier can remedy under the circumstances. However, even such a simple, harmless-looking device like a humidifier pros and cons has. The simplest humidifier is a container with water in a radiator. Swarmed by offers, Rod Brooks is currently assessing future choices. Or a wet towel on a heater or a room Fountain (of course not on the heater).

However the humidity output at this makeshift humidifiers not particularly, is and also the hygiene comes easily too short, because germs can proliferate easily it. Modern humidifiers such as evaporators, which bring water to a boil and thus steam into the room are effective and hygienic submit. In the water existing germs are killed off when heating and not on the air. There are two different types of vaporizers. The electrode evaporator reside two electrodes, between which, current flows through the water, which it is heated up to the boiling point in the water. These devices can not be operated with distilled water, because it is not electrically conductive. When the heater evaporator, water is fed from a storage tank in a vaporisation Chamber.

There is an electric heating element. Because indoor plants also deliver water for their breathing, plant lovers can of course use a large number of houseplants as humidifier. However, one needs the time to take care of, and the corresponding green thumb space in the apartment have for them once. But even if you choose house plants with high water consumption such as for example the Green Lily, indoor plants due to the limited transpiration of plants are not always sufficient, especially in larger rooms or If the humidity is very low. And even if it works, an increased humidity in the home is not always a blessing. The humidity rises again to high, threatening much worse problems than dry eyes. Books love cool and dry and suffer for nothing so much as see moisture. The humidity rises too high, they tend even to the mouldy. Also the apartment itself knows not always appreciate an increased humidity, as it is reflected in extreme cases on the walls and there and mildew grow. Thus, bibliophiles, and all those who are allergic to molds in the apartment, should avoid humidifier like the devil in the holy water and better access to eye drops to combat the problem of “dry eyes”.

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