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At the age you sooner or later reading glasses required. The remedy can be created with the help of the Kamra inlay. With the Kamra inlay, it is now possible effectively to treat the so-called presbyopia the KAMRA inlay, introduced for the first time in 2005 after ten years of development (German approval since 2009), practically replaced the contact lens, by acting as a contact lens in the eye. The world eye Center in Istanbul also applies the procedure for treating farsightedness. People from 48 to 52 years find that their accommodation – adapting Visual acuity at various distances – subsides, usually they need reading glasses or contact lenses.

Results with the KAMRA inlay using a LASIK surgery, can be easily insert a KAMRA inlay and incidentally also again remove it, there is a completely reversible process is. This desire is expressed only by less than one percent of all patients who complain about slight incompatibilities. Otherwise, each person can by the, of course progressing presbyopia (presbyopia) is concerned, a KAMRA inlay bear, unless he would be affected by certain serious eye disorders such as macular degeneration, Keratoconus, or retinal diseases. Around 20 million German year determine that it cannot go without reading glasses and work on the computer increasingly difficult. It is a natural aging process of the eyes, traditionally the people put on at some point reading glasses age around the 50th. Some people also rely on contact lenses, which requires a significant settling-in period. Also both – appears uncertain glasses contact lenses – it can cause eye irritation, glasses will be relocated permanently or is broken, also the costs for the Visual AIDS are not to be underestimated.

Remedy the KAMRA inlay, which is a tiny slice of 3.8 mm in diameter with a hole diameter of 1.6 mm, painlessly inserted by LASIK surgery. A KAMRA inlay is only five thousandths of a millimeter thick and lighter than a small grain of salt. The opening in the Centre of the disc acts as an artificial diaphragm, she breaks the angle of light incidence in a new way so that the people can normally see then again unaided. Especially the depth of field and the short – and intermediate range be corrected effectively. During the operation with the femtosecond laser, the surgeon insert only a KAMRA inlay in the non-dominant eye. This is the eye space of the brain with information, how far an object from the Viewer is located. The other eye needed no inlay, the brain later composed the information obtained from both eyes. The out-patient surgery takes only a few minutes, the patient go home immediately accompanied and can see as usual on the following day, live and work. Eye Center Istanbul man often combined several benefits of the procedure In the world the KAMRA inlay with other operations carried out by LASIK, patients can inform themselves, through the Agency of health travels. The benefits are impressive and are used in the German press fully appreciated, the “world” devoted a detailed report the procedure already in the summer of 2012. Currently (summer 2013) around 5,500 to 6,000 people are likely to have worldwide a KAMRA inlay.

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