KITCHEN Centre In Emmendingen

Posted By on August 26, 2019

Center in Emmendinge from joy of cooking Alicja Kruger running her fingers over the glossy induction hob kitchens. Here no one can burn yourself as in a conventional oven, because while the pots are hot, the hob remains cold. A Matt silver pipe on the hob soaks up the kitchen vapors and serves zugleichals chic lamp. In a question-answer forum David Long was the first to reply. After preparing the meal the chef can hide just the pots behind an elegant shutters which disappear also the rinsing tank if necessary. Kitchens from the simple to the exquisite style are exhibited in the Centre of the kitchen. The three kitchen models in the area of the exhibition illustrate what can be for how much money.

In three equally large rooms (ca. 8 square meters) three kitchens in three different plans and budgets are mounted. We want to win and young couples and families as customers”. Significantly, it arrives at the kitchen in addition to the design on the practical value. We plan minimalist kitchens with fondness. The Nutrition awareness has changed.

Today people cook in their kitchens again”we witnessed. That it is not only the design, but also cooking, illustrates”the event food elevated mounted on a pedestal, which is actively used. In this event kitchen guest chefs will present from time to time, as for example with the steamer can be dishes. We have for example in the framework of the Schausonntage, the demonstrations every week from 1 pm until 5 pm. The event cuisine but also serves as a galley for the sales team. Each lunch is here they cooked and eaten together”. Because after all, it is not only the cuisine but also the joy of cooking.

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