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If you see a very low cost per square meter, just add it to the VAT and the cost of utilities: scoring of "naked" price – one of the favorite techniques of lessors. At once specify the rent with all the required payments. Search A to Z Despite all the difficulties, statistics show that if you do not show leased area to excessive demands, to find room to move and possible within 1-2 weeks. Typically, the primary source of information are ads in the newspapers, "Hand in Hand" and "Chance", but by the time the numbers of a considerable part of the information is already outdated. Therefore the most reasonable or view ads on the Internet (for example,), or go round you are interested area in search of outdoor advertising for themselves the offices, which usually indicate a telephone number and free premises. Joint work – it brings together Small areas are usually required for small businesses operating in the service sector. Several of these companies, together, can take in a joint lease office block, instead of using the area to pass in the sublease.

The main thing in this situation – trust companies to each other. It's just a situation where you can choose the neighbors – so that they may be unreliable. Also important to have the possibility of sharing space in classrooms. Beds for If you need a business office for one person, and the rest of the suit is more comfortable home office, you can use a relatively new service – to hire a job. Price of the issue a bit, but still below the cost of renting separate office.

As a rule, pass an area of about 5 sq. m. together with furniture and appliances, as well as the ability to use the same for all the hall. Some business centers offer extra hourly rental conference rooms and other services. Not often in the center of a small office space can be found in former research institutes, hotels, annexes or on the upper floors of shopping centers. However, when deciding whether to rent a room should be prepared for lack of good management system and, consequently, outdated communications and poor quality finish. Grow your health! Companies predictor significant growth in the near future, there is sense to rent or buy space "for growth." Unused surplus areas to temporarily rent out (as long as they do not need arise). If the premise is highly liquid and have the opportunity to create it several small autonomous offices, the offer of rent will be very attractive to many tenants and … who knows, maybe this trend will grow out of a side branch of your business?

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