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Posted By on January 7, 2020

Advertising – the engine of trade. Today, many types of advertising, the first one – is advertising for special packaging. The most popular advertising products is now becoming a paper bag with a shiny or gloss laminate with logotype by screen printing. Package paper became so widespread because of convenience and ease of manufacture. Next we will talk in detail about how to print the drawings and inscriptions on the laminated packages of paper. Printing offset – 1st option application logo.

This is a very reliable type of application, and it can be considered a separate variant of the production. Then drawing done on paper, which is processed at offset by technological tools. After drawing the image on the cardboard sheets with offset printing and silk screen printing, we start with laminated copies of the printed product, and then, using cuttings or habitual creasing, we obtain high-quality scanning of paper laminated package. Further sheets are glued together, collect and receive the holiday packages of paper. Packages of paper with silk-screen printing – a different type of application to the gift bags. Though it is – relatively expensive and virtually non-automated technology. This type of printing should be profitable only on a small scale print production. This is his main advantage. In addition, the logo goes high enough quality, especially in the depth of color that can not offer any other type of printing. In addition, this method of production will come 'pour' the entire surface of the package carton printing.

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