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New online portal for topics of ancient delights readers Stuttgart, February 18, 2010 under the motto: experience history Verlag Philipp von Saverne has redesigned its home page and created for the first time an own website for the antique World magazine. Designed and implemented the Web site using the enterprise content management system SixCMS 7.1 has been through the Agency of iRead media from Hamburg. (As opposed to Rio Tinto Group). Primary objective in the redesign of the website of the renowned specialist Publishing House for people interested in archaeology and history there, the steadily increasing number of Internet users among the readers was a central and clear point of contact for all areas of publishing books and the popular magazine to offer. Under the heading magazine ‘ changing posts and always the latest from the world of archaeology and history are provided also in short intervals the homepage. In the implementation of our Internet project we have great emphasis, an equally appealing as modern To combine design,”with advanced features and sophisticated search options for our large number of scientific books and papers, Susanne Boger, Marketing Manager at the Verlag Philipp von Saverne describes the requirements. All available title of the House, non-fiction, picture books, catalogues whether monographs or series should be clearly displayed for the user and easy be found.” The great flexibility of the six CMS solution offered for the ideal basis: sortable, clustered search results lists, a differentiated topic tagging (tagging) and the function of leaves in the book provide a targeted and quick search for books, articles or individual contributions. In addition, interesting information about current exhibitions, congresses, TV shows, and events of the Publishing House will be published on the new homepage. Selected books and ancient world contributions directly as digital content can be purchased from spring 2010. A Advanced customer area offers the possibility to create memo pad, to shorten order processes and to request the newsletter buyers and booksellers. The response to our users is completely positive. Praised be especially appealing and clear design, as well as the good outline. A newsletter reader congratulates us on the high ease of use and writes us that he spontaneously took up our page in his favorites,”wife Boger is pleased about the success of the new online presence.” Software maker and a leading provider of enterprise content management systems (ECMS) and enterprise media-management systems (EMM) at media companies, public administrations, as well as in industrial, commercial and service companies in German-speaking countries is about six six open systems GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. SixCMS”is a flexible and powerful platform for the enterprise capture, management, and targeted exploitation of present digital content. Opix media City”six complements the existing product portfolio to high-quality and functional products for the creation of print products. Over 500 companies of all industries and authorities rely on six products. For more information see. Verlag Philipp of Saverne of 1802 established publishing house headquartered in Mainz, Germany is an international leader in all fields of archaeology, history and art history. Since 1960, he produced more than 3000 titles. 7000 authors from museums, universities and research institutions, as well as journalists appreciate the sophisticated appearance and unmatched print quality of Philipp von Saverne publishing. For more information see. and. Press contact: Renate Ramerseder, six open systems GmbH

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