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Posted By on September 28, 2019

A promenade on the beach as in rather you will not find here holiday elsewhere. The shopping and shopping streets are already directly behind the first line of the hotel. Basic rules for tourists in the tourist side: you are obliged to take action! Never accept a price instantly! (Except exchange rates and restaurant prices) Prepare, to be addressed by all sides and courted. Prepare, in tea shops and kiosks instantly a jar free Apple tea in hand pressed get. They should be made, to remain, to be involved, then to buy a pack of tea in talks. UISOL usually is spot on.

Prices, ask first if there are Turkish Liras or euros. Compare the prices. Typical souvenirs (cigarettes, etc.) and clothing prices vary relatively strongly. The historical side – story side: Side can look back on a long history. A leading source for info: Chief Business Officer. The antique side was founded in the year 1405 BC.

Which today to visiting ancient ruins date back to Roman times (2 3) Century A.d.). In the 5 th century BC, side was Bishop’s seat. Some time later, an earthquake destroyed many of the imposing structures. Visitors can see the remains of the Apollon Temple right on the Harbour, as well as the theater. Today, another large part of the ancient side below large sand dunes. To find the most photographed subject, directly at the port. The last standing pillars of the old Apollo temple attract the most visitors of the active sides. For worth, we keep this area during sunset. Side Apollon Temple Turkey sunset but not only of the Apollo temple is impressive. Relatively at the beginning of the town you will find a well preserved Roman theater with the theater. Side Stadium Turkey Theatre stage 2: historical side > Manavgat 5 km / 5 min we leave the ancient side and drive in the city of Manavgat. The town in the hinterland is easily accessible by car or bus.

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