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The third important advantage of an LCD TV involves their dimensions and weight. The majority of LCD TVs have only a few centimeters of thickness, thus being an elegant addition to any room in your home, rather than turn it into the main attraction. In fact, some technological advances are helping the LCD be so thin that, in 2009, LG unveiled a prototype of LCD TV that was only 0.1 inch thick less than half the size of a fingernail. This small-scale engineering makes the LCD TV are so light that they can be mounted on virtually any wall and can even be hung in the same way that you would with a work of art. The fourth advantage of having an LCD TV is related to its impact on the environment. Since LCD panels use a rear light to create the image, the backlight can be dimmed during darker scenes or also it can be switched off to save energy.

For even more significant energy savings, consumers can invest in a TV LCD LED, that provides all the advantages of an LCD TV with LED lighting. The final note in this list of advantages of an LCD is related gives the saving in costs. Thin and lightweight designs reduce shipping prices and make more affordable LCD TVs. In 2007, LCD televisions surpassed CRT sales for the first time in the history. Consumers have understood that they can pay comparatively less for a larger screen, an improved visual area and many other advances. Expected that this trend will continue eventually becoming antiques to the CRT and replacing them with LCD TVs in each and every one of the homes.

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