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Posted By on October 28, 2019

Oddly, this writer himself was behind the creation of 'referatnogo business "in Russia. It was in the distant 1996-1997. Started this process on my part as an attempt to make a living using his computer and breech technique. I worked in the heart of St. Petersburg, home was tuned FIDO network, and occasionally, when allowed to finance, not wandering in the rich section of the world then RUNetovskoy fishing season. In those years, only just started to develop the resource and purchase CD with abstracts on the market allows students to take the usual trouble-free specialties than one session. not at all at that time, there were computers and not all of them could use for other purposes. Therefore, the wife put offers 'hands', and I compose, scanned books, created his own powerful base of documents, books, monographs, and other materials that are allowed to do many of the ordered work.

in 2001-2003 on the phone nazvanivaet different organizers, who later created "referatnye giants' who actually did not write themselves, but only found the supply and demand. One they tried to serve as best as possible, other- directly executing the work – finding fault, pointing to deficiencies in the network, and so many descriptions of people who could not get a penny for the work they have written under the banner of these companies .. But this is not the essence. point lies in some other field. Of my life, no small, I must say the experience is built following the model of customers: – The customer held the man or woman, who get a second or third education, work, and not just able to address these or other examples, and write papers that are demanded of him.

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