| April 8, 2019

Honduras child Galician with the coup the Government of Manuel Zelaya Rosales in Honduras, the poet Mario Benedetti is no longer so in a poem we sing or tell us that the gorilatos of the Latin American dictatorship, still live among the politicians, businessmen and the military, and that possibly, remotely and suspicious, the CIA […]

Organic Coffee

| March 15, 2019

There are many reasons for preferring the organic coffee to the conventional coffee. The organic coffee is grown without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. This makes it a healthier than the conventional coffee. The environmental component is also important when judging the qualities of organic coffee. To stop using harmful methods for the environment […]

Bohemian Quality

| June 18, 2016

Everything is simplified, if your friend, colleague or boss – an avid collector, owner, for example, collections birds' eggs. To make a decent gift is not necessary to go to the edge of the world in search of the eggs of some birds superekzoticheskoy Roh. While yes, a new instance of the collection will please […]

Coffee Makers

| April 1, 2016

People who sometimes can "live" on the job, always useful as a new printer or scanner, and a coffee maker, microwave or even a refrigerator. Moreover, domestic appliances often will be priced above: "guide" as it has never "prescribe". You should not just forget about that box of gifts is to make it "a gift": […]